Each academic year, members of the club can run for a variety of positions on the LUEC Executive Committee (‘exec’). Members then vote to decide who is best for the position. The exec are responsible for running all aspects of the club smoothly and are available if you have any issues or questions. Details of the 16/17 exec members, their roles and their contact details are listed below:


President: Alex Herring
Email: president.luec@gmail.com

Hello, I’m Alex! I am a History & Politics student in my third year and I currently ride for the A team. Last year I was the Team Captain and I am now moving onto the position of President. My role involves keeping track of what goes on within the club and trying to make sure that the club is as good as it could possibly be. LUEC is an amazing club to be a part of and is definitely one of the best things about university! 


Vice President & Treasurer: David Lovell
Email: treasurer.luec@gmail.com

My name’s David and I’m Vice President and Treasurer and I am reading History and Politics at Lancaster (which is actually a lot more interesting than it sounds!). I’ve been riding ever since I was 10 months old, when my mum took the executive decision to put me on a pony, and I’ve never looked back since. I am responsible for the club’s finances – so making sure we don’t go bust (no pressure!) and for the club shop.


Team Captain: David Lovell
Email: team.luec@gmail.com

As well as being VP and treasurer, I am this years team captain. I’ve ridden for the A team this year and this year I’ll be in charge of team selection as well as generally running the team agenda. This includes the staging of home competitions, including Roses, as well as helping with competing at away fixtures.


Bookings Officer: Harriet Heaton
Email: luecbookings@gmail.com

Hi I’m Harriet a second year studying History. I’ve been riding since I was 6 and I ride in the weekly lessons with the club. As bookings officer I am in charge of organising lessons and transport to and from the yard. LUEC has been one of the best parts of uni so far and everyone made me feel so welcome!



Media & Communications: Ellie Borgman
Email: webmaster.luec@gmail.com

Hey, I’m Ellie and I’m a second year Film, Media and Cultural Studies student. I have been around horses from a young age with my mum having her own since she was a child, but it wasn’t until the age of seven when I started taking lessons and I haven’t stopped since. Most of the time you will find me down my local stables, which is why I joined to LUEC, as I didn’t want this to die. As Media and Communications Officer, I am responsible for managing this website as well as the club’s social networking accounts. I also do the promotion for the club during Fresher’s week as well as answering questions about LUEC, so don’t be afraid to email me!


Health & Safety Officer: Sophie Finlinson
Email: safety.luec@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Sophie, a third year studying Chemical Engineering and last year I rode for the team. I’ve ridden since I was little and own two horses back home that are retired and living the high-life while I’m at Uni. For my role I am responsible for making sure that all health and safety requirements within the club are met and to take care of everyone’s safety, whilst everyone is still having as much fun as possible! LUEC is one of my favourite things about uni life and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Social Secretaries: Tom Grundy, Emily Quick & Frances Wilde 
Email: social.luec@gmail.com

Tom Grundy

Hi, I’m Tom! I am a 2nd year Maths student who currently rides for the B team. I have been riding since I was 3 and started again in my second year of University after a short break. I am one of the 3 Social Secs so I am responsible for making sure you have a great time on Socials. LUEC has made my time at Uni so much better and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Any questions regarding socials or anything else feel free to e-mail.


Emily Quick

Hi I’m Emily, I’m in third year studying Biomedicine and I’m currently riding on the A team. I have ridden near enough my whole life and have a 16.1 appaloosa called wigwam. LUEC has been a huge part of uni for me and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I am social sec this year so hope to make LUEC as great for you as it has been for me! Feel free to message me with any questions

Frances Wilde

 Hi, I’m Frances and I’m social sec of LUEC, alongside Tom and Emily. I study English Lit but riding for the B team is my number one priority! Two of my absolute favourite things are fluffy ponies (I have one New Forest pony at home) and our weekly socials as a club. Feel free to ask me any questions regarding our weekly socials and Pilates, or termly beach rides.